church erasEditor’s Note: Here is a publication that deals with church ERA’s in a very clear and concise manner. Have you eveer wondered how to actually tell when  one ERA ends and another begins? I got permission to show it here for your review. Written by Gary Stowers,

The book of Revelations chapters two and three speaks of Gods judgment and council to the seven churches which existed in Asia Minor at the time when Jesus gave this revelation to the Apostle John. Why was God so concerned with these local churches and yet he doesn’t talk of all the other churches of God down through history? Or does he? The truth of the matter is God does give an overview of the works of his one and only true church all the way down through history.

The book of Revelations is the book that is talked about in Revelations chapter five as being closed and sealed with seven seals. No man was found worthy to open the book and read it. But The LAMB, Jesus Christ was found worthy, and God the Father gave it to him to show HIS SERVANTS things that would shortly come to pass.(Rev.1:1) Note that, This book of Prophecy is for Jesus’ servants, not for the world as a whole. If we want to understand the words of God, then we must DO his commandments (Ps.111:10). Then in chapter six of Revelations Jesus proceeds to open the seals and reveal what is in this book. But still, only to those who are willing to obey all of Gods commandments. This world’s religions have read the words of this book, but they can’t really understand the message which God was sending to his true servants, because they are deceived into believing that Jesus came and did away with Gods commandments, “nailing them to the cross”. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

My purpose here in this booklet is not to argue the truth to a deceived world, but to make the truth plain to those that have been called, or are being called by God. The rest of the world will have to wait until God sets his hand to humble them, and get their attention, and make them willing to obey him. Then as they yield to God in obedience their understanding will increase also. The true Church of God is written about in Revelations chapter 12, verse 17 as a people who keep the commandments of God (the Father) and having the testimony of Jesus Christ (Which is the spirit of prophecy. Rev. 19:10). Also in Revelations 14:12 true Christians are written about as keeping the commandments of God, and having the faith of Jesus Christ. This also includes keeping the fourth commandment: The one about keeping Gods Sabbath Holy and that is the seventh day, not the first day of the week.

So who can understand Gods’ truth about the seven churches in Revelations, or for that matter any of Gods’ hidden true teachings? Only those who have been called by God, and then surrendered their lives to obey Gods commands can come to really understand. There was a man whom God chose to be his servant in this end time to proclaim his true Gospel of the Kingdom of God to this world shortly before Jesus Christ returns to this world, in Supreme Power and Glory to take over and rule this whole earth with righteousness and strength. This Man, Herbert W. Armstrong was willing to obey God, and God gave him much understanding of the Holy Bible. Among the truths that God revealed to him was the truth about these seven churches in Revelations chapter two and three. Mr. Armstrong spoke of this truth in many of his books, booklets, and sermons. His last book before he died, titled “MYSTERY OF THE AGES” is one that will explain that these seven churches in Asia Minor were in fact seven local churches of the one true Church of God, But their works were typical of the seven successive church “ERAS” of the true church which Jesus Christ founded in 31 ad and continued all the way down through history to the second coming of Christ.

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Gary Stowers
Fort Gibson, OK