Are you sure you know?



It isn’t easy to be a Christian. The things of God must be the overpowering interest in your life if you wish to remain a Christian. Here this excellent audio from Mr. Armstrong. Showing why the Laodicean attitude so prevalent in this ERA of God’s Church is so dangerous to our health as a Christian. Also it show why God will put those who do not repent of that attitude straight into the Great Tribulation very soon.


There is a reason why Christ is doing a different work in this ERA that He did in Philadelphia. The Laodicean Church has had the truths of God for so long and in such abundance that it has become second nature to many of us. There is no longer any excitement in the word of God anymore. We are truly rich and increased with Spiritual Goods and yet the Love of the truth of God that brought us so much Zeal when we first learned of it is missing.


Today many of us continue day by day following the ways of God on a kind of automatic pilot. There is no Zeal, no understanding of where we are and what is coming next and why there should be an urgency in our lives to be sure that we are ready for what is coming.


We had that urgency and zeal to do a work when the Philadelphia ERA was active. We must get back to the first love that Zeal to do the work of God.


We need to understand that the Work of God in this ERA has changed. ( The Plain Truth about Matthew 24:14)We need to be sure that we and our brethren are aware of that and do our best to help spread that message of the true work of God in the ERA. It is not being done by a single church group as in Philadelphia. It is being done by Christ Himself with the individuals. Today we are to be getting ready urgently because time is so short. We need to be watching for Christ. We need to make sure our brethren know this that they are focused on being ready for whatever is coming.


The work of being a witness to the world is completed we should not be supporting those who suppose that they are continuing that work.


We at the Church of God Community Web are not a church group, we do not ask for tithes, we are fellow members of the body of Christ who are trying to reach out to our brothers and sisters with the eye salve that Christ said that they needed so they can get back to that sense of urgency and zeal that we used to have. Instead of being involved in a work that has not been commissioned by Christ. A Work that lulls us to sleep because it keeps us from understanding how very close we are to the Great Tribulation.


Before that tribulation even begins there is another prophetic event that we absolutely MUST be prepared for. The 1335, a gathering of the Church of God to a place of safety. Only those whom God accounts worthy will be offered the opportunity to gather at that place of safety, where ever it might be. Are you prepared? Are you ready for that event.


You don’t hear much about that in today’s churches and yet it is extremely important for you to know. As you hear in the audio that is linked to this page, Mr. Armstrong tells you again how things were before and it should bring you into remembrance about how you felt and what you were doing back then. Recapture that Zeal that sense of Urgency so that you do not have to go through what the bulk of Laodicea is going to have to suffer through.


Do you want to have the Philadelphian Attitude so that you can benefit from the promise of safety and protection offered; then get busy helping your brethren understand what is going on and what God truly expects of them. You may truly save lives both physical and even eternal by being a part of what Christ is doing.


It is a grass roots movement that is typified by Malachi 3:16-18 which shows brethren reaching out to brethren. It shows them exhorting one another and it shows that God is very pleased with that effort. If you want to learn more about what Christ is doing and get some ideas on how you can help, drop by and take a look around.