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  1. What is the Responsibility of the Brethren?

    Have the brethren abdicated their Christian responsibility to the church hierarchy? Do the Brethren have certain leadership responsibilities over the Ministry? Or, should they just pay, pray and have no say? What did the early church do?

  2. What Are the Tracks of the Devil?

    By Ron Dart, Born to Win – If you were in the forest and were looking for evidence that a particular kind of animal lived in the area, you would look for the unique signs and tracks that would tell you the animal had been there. The devil also leaves tracks—and they’re not very hard to find.

  3. Proper Spiritual Fasting

    By Rick Railston, The Pacific Church of God – Are you as close to God as you would like to be? Because I’m here to tell you that there’s powerful connection between those two—being close to God and fasting. We’re going to talk about that.

  4. The Scattered Condition of the Church of God

    by Harold Lee, The Pacific Church of God – an article on the scattering of God’s church that brings much clarity and hope to the situation that we find ourselves in during this Laodicea Age of the Church.

  5. The Synagogue of Satan among the Church of God

    While the majority of the people of God will be WITHOUT EXCUSE when they are VOMITTED OUT into the great tribulation JUST AHEAD (Rev. 3:16), it is the ministry at large that is held MOST ACCOUNTABLE! It is the ministry—and particularly the ministry that was ordained during the Philadelphian era—that will be soon facing a very stern judge that is returning to RULE THE EARTH!

  6. Survive and Thrive as a Follower of Christ

    By Budd Cochrell. Today, we find great confusion and doctrinal chaos among the elect about many extremely important spiritual and organizational issues set forth in the biblical record. These are issues which are necessary to understand and practice in order to lead a righteous lifestyle and fulfill the purpose for one’s calling during this gospel age of salvation.

  7. What kind of Spiritual Clothing do you Wear?

    By Gary Stowers. You need to know what Almighty God has to say about your spiritual clothing; it will make a difference as to whether or not you will be allowed in Gods kingdom.

  8. Why Study the Word?

    By Budd Cochrell. Paul’s advice to rightly divide (i.e., correctly analyze) the word of truth is a major key to making sure that we are not deceived by individuals who teach false and misleading doctrines.

  9. Just What Do You Mean Church ERAs?By Gary Stowers. The book of Revelations chapters two and three speaks of Gods judgment and council to the seven churches which existed in Asia Minor at the time when Jesus gave this revelation to the Apostle John.
  10. The Calendar Controversy

    The Hebrew calendar has served God’s people for thousands of years by determining the appropriate time to observe His commanded assemblies. Few ever questioned it, but this is no longer the case.

  11. Is there an Advantage to the Small Church?

    How we perceive “the church” can shape our approach to both aspects of our commission, as Christians.

  12. Grow in the Grace of our Lord

    The Concluding Verse of the Second Epistle of Peter, Admonishes the Established Christian to “Grow in Grace..” How Many Correctly Understand What This Requirement Involves? If Grace is ONLY the Unmerited Forgiveness of Sins, How Do We Grow In It?

  13. Anointing

    By Warren Zehrung – There are many among us brethren, who are sick from time to time, and some of us have been diagnosed with chronic ailments.

  14. Plague of Darkness

    That Ninth Plague, occurring just before the Deaths of Egypt’s Firstborn of both man and beast, contains Details Essential to the Exodus Narrative.

  15. Passover – Shall we take it on the eve of 14th or 15th

    The sole QUESTION to be settled is: AT WHAT TIME SHALL WE TAKE THE BREAD AND WINE TODAY? Such points as time of killing of lamb, or time of eating of lamb, or time of going out of Egypt, enter the discussion only in so far as they have bearing on the CENTRAL QUESTION: When shall we, today, take bread and wine.

  16. Be Zealous and Repent

    By Warren Zehrung – The end-time is fast approaching.  Time is short, and Jesus Christ is returning soon to establish the Kingdom of God.  How is all of this going to be worked out?  God’s people are not of one mind on this particular subject.

  17. The Ten Virgins – Christ’s Return

    by Don Roth – In a deeper understanding of the narrative of the ten virgins Christ lays out the reason for this group and their destiny.

  18. Kicking against the Pricks – Our People need Eye Salve

    by Raymond Mills – This is the story of what happened to Paul when He encountered Christ on the Road to Damascus. As you will see it gives us an interesting parallel in how God is using us in this work

  19. A Bride Prepared

    By Warren ZehrungSabbath Church of God. From the very beginning, Jesus Christ has made known to us His intention to marry a most exquisite Bride.  The marriage of the Lamb to His spouse will commence the eternal covenant longed for by Jesus Christ from time immemorial.  From the days of Israel’s espousal in the wilderness (Jeremiah 2:2) up until the marriage of the Lamb, Jesus Christ has loved His Bride-to-be with a perfect love that surpasses anything we can remotely imagine (Ephesians 3:19).  Their wedding will be the most superb ceremony the heavens and earth have ever witnessed.  Though this may sound like a dream or a fable, it is, in fact, a magnificent reality. Brethren, we have only a short time to prepare.  Many of those who consider themselves to be a part of the Church of God are not prepared to be the Bride of Jesus Christ.  The seventh doctrine of Jesus Christ is, “Go on to perfection;” this is what the Bride must be doing (Hebrews 6:1-2).

  20. 1335 – The Gathering together of God’s People

    By Raymond Mills, Most of the congregations in the Churches of God are anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus Christ at the Resurrection of the Saints. But there is another event closer in time that directly affects the Body of Christ. Even before the Great Tribulation begins this event will have a terrific impact on the entire church of the Laodiceans.

  21. Beyond Armaggedon

    By Rich Traver. This booklet is designed to acquaint the sincere seeker of Truth and Understanding with information not usually presented in established church denominations. Much is left to ‘the professionals’ under the presumption that their denomination’s scholars, who profess to understand such matters, are adequately informed and are able to accurately represent the full Truth of God’s Word on the subject. Most rest quite comfortably, taking the position that we need not attempt to investigate incongruities ourselves, as their esteemed theologians’ conclusions are well documented.

  22. The Matthew 24:14 Prophecy

    Matthew 24:14 states that the True Gospel would be “preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, and THEN shall the “End Come.” Has this scripture been fulfilled? If so, WHY hasn’t Christ yet returned? Has the END COME? YOU NEED TO KNOW!

  23. Zeal Getting Back to our First Love

    by Raymond Mills – I want to show you the importance of having Zeal and how it relates to our first love. The bible gives us many admonitions about having zeal in our lives and actions.Do you understand why this is important? What does the word zeal actually mean? How do we achieve this zealousness in our actions? How does it relate to “getting back to our first love.I want to answer those questions as we go along today.

  24. Two Kinds of Faith

    by Rich Traver – Christians Everywhere Recognize the Absolute Necessity of Having TRUE and Demonstrable Faith.   Faith can find Expression in a Number of Ways. But, What Kind of Faith Must We Have in order to be Acceptable Before God?

  25. God’s People Back Together—SOON! A Rebuttal to the “last extensive article to the offshoots of the WCG by Mr. Dave Pack

    the rebuttal by Raymond Mills – The article quoted is authored by Mr David C. Pack and is very interesting. His reasoning in many ways and use of the bible is masterful in itself. The problem is that Mr. Pack like most of Laodicea, does not truly understand the ERA that is extant now nor is he aware of what Christ is doing in this ERA of God’s Church nor where that work is being done.