French President Macron has been acting very odd during the commemorations of the end of World War I which were held in Europe recently. He called for a European army and likened the USA as posing as big a threat to Europe as Russia or China. Macron wants a “real European army” and likened “nationalism” to leprosy” (first link). That last comment is clearly an insult to US President Donald Trump, who is a leading nationalist, as well as to various European heads of state who are strong nationalists. Macron’s insistence that the USA is as big a threat to Europe as Russia or China is a huge insult to all Americans and all the nations of the British Empire that saved France in two world wars. The only reason Macron can even serve as the head of state in an independent France is that the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, etc. were willing to lose many lives and spend immense sums of money to rescue France and the rest of Europe from the dominion of the Nazis. Macron seems breathtakingly clueless to the negative impact his bizarre statements would have on many people in many nations.

In the second link and third link, Macron’s Finance Minister echoes Macron’s assertions and even added that “Brussels [i.e. the EU] should be an empire” as the Chinese Empire. Macron has made bizarre statements ever since he came to power in France. Soon after he was elected, he declared that he would reign over France like the god, “Jupiter,” who was “king of the Roman gods” (fourth link). He even summoned the French Parliament to behold his glory as he took on the physical trappings of a Medieval king of France. I think it is clear from these statements that Macron is calling for the EU to be an “empire” in order for Macron to serve as its emperor. Hmm. Macron seems to exhibit at the very least a Messianic Complex for himself. Has he read Matthew 24:3 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] that prophesies a coming messiah shall be called Emmanuel (or Immanuel)–which is Macron’s first name? That prophecy obviously foretells that Jesus Christ will be the true Messiah, but Matthew 24:24 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] warns that “false Christs” shall come forth as pretenders in the latter days. Does Macron consider himself a messiah? Daniel 11:35 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] begins a prophecy pertaining to the end times of our age, and verse 35 foretells that a dangerous “king” [a chief of state in our modern terminology] will appear on the world scene who will “magnify himself above every god.” Hmm. Macron openly declares he is like Jupiter who reigns over all the gods. Macron’s self-glorification comes very close to fulfilling the prophesied attitude of the dangerous “king” in Daniel 11:35 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] . Macron bears watching from a biblical prophetic point of view.

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