Meeting Room Guidelines

In order for this meeting room to operate for the enjoyment and edification of everyone, each participant must exhibit proper decorum. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

When a sermon is in progress, please hold your comments until after the presentation. Many times questions about what is being said will be answered as the sermon progresses. If not, ask the Host in a private message to include your comment or question during the Q & A session after the presentation.

If you feel a point being made by the presenter needs clarification before continuing the presentation, ask the Host in a private message to stop the presentation in order to clarify the point in question before continuing.

Please do not make posts in the chat section during the presentation about unrelated topics you think might be of interest to others. This may only be done before or after the presentation.

It is all right to make oral or written comments directly related to what is being said as long as these comments are short and to the point. Please do not make long dawn out comments as our time is limited.

Be courteous to the person speaking. Please do not interrupt them or talk over them. During the discussion/question and answer session, use the hand icon at the bottom of the participant’s list to get the attention of the Host when you want to make a verbal comment.

Topics that will not be discussed:

The following is a list of?? topics which will not be discussed in this meeting room. These topics are controversial and take too much time to prove or disprove to the satisfaction of everyone.

1. Who is the God of the Old Testament
2. The Sacred Calendar Issue
3. The Sacred Names Issue
4. The Lunar or Solar Sabbath
5. The 14th/15th Passover Celebration

I hope that you can see that these rules are meant to help us enjoy the time we spend together.

I plan on reexamining the format for these sessions from time to time in order to make them more enjoyable and edifying for each participant.

If you think of other rules that should be added please let me know. I will be making a link to these rules with each invitation to the room.

Here is a link to a number of short videos that will show you how to do various things in a Zoom room such as ours:


Raymond Mills