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The action of First Lady Melania Trump to have all occultic influence and images removed from the White House is significant from a biblical perspective. Before explaining why let’s examine just a few of the many stories and reports of occultic/demonic activity at the White House in many past administrations. The third link states that the wives of Presidents Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were all interested in or practitioners of occultic crafts to greater or lesser extents. Occultic presences and practices were invited into the White House in no small degree during the administrations of Pierce and Lincoln due to the desire of their wives to communicate with the spirits of departed family members. Mrs. Reagan had a deep interest in astrology, and astrological advice affected the White House’s scheduling activities due to her attention. The third link also mentions that famous author, Robert Woodward, addressed reports that Hillary Clinton sought to communicate with the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi when she was First Lady in the Bill Clinton presidency. During one administration, the presence of spirits was so visible there was a desire to have them photographed. You can read the third link for a more detailed report on these occurrences. A number of the First above Ladies reportedly saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the White House when they lived there.

The fourth link reports that “ghost sightings” in the White House were especially common during the years 1919-1945. It lists reports of additional ghost sightings or occultic presences in the White House during the presidency of Harry Truman, and that the “ghost” of Abraham Lincoln was so evident in the White House at times that Queen Wilhelmina of Holland and Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, both saw it when they were guests at the White House. It also discusses the report that Hillary Clinton “channeled” the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt so she could hold conversations with it.

The fifth link relates a forgotten fact about the Lincoln administration that few realize. It is an article from Smithsonian magazine, which reports about extensive occultic activity at the White House initiated by Lincoln’s wife as she held seances and did other occultic things to contact the departed spirits of her deceased sons. Reportedly, Abraham Lincoln sometimes participated in these activities. At that time, the practice of “spiritism” was apparently popular and acceptable in High Society in Washington, DC. In what is truly a bizarre twist, President Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth both consulted with and shared the same spiritist “medium or advisorThe full story of this little-known aspect of American history is detailed in the fifth link, and I urge readers to read that article as it gives an entirely new perspective about extensive occultic practices that have occurred at the White House.

Much more is available on this topic and readers can do web searches for more information on this issue if they wish to do so. Some reports may be fanciful, and others are well-documented. The links detail statements that are publicly-known. Who knows how many occultic practices and demonic activity have been present in the White House at various times about which we know nothing? Let’s now put this into a biblical perspective.

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