Real Time Global Disease Incident Map

By the COGCW News Team

While an onslaught of mayhem and rioting has the nation’s attention within its grip, the spread of disease is continuing its unrelenting trek across the globe bringing with it strains so highly resistant that it has prompted a warning from the Center of Disease Control.

CDC officials now report that not only is the cold and flu virus highly resistant to vaccine…the virus has begun to mutate. NBC News

Meanwhile, as of this writing, the death toll of the Ebola virus has tallied up to more than 7-thousand as it continues to stricken hundreds with infection. In the meantime, other parts of Africa are facing a new plague with another rapidly spreading disease called Antananarivo. The virus has already claimed the lives of 40 citizens in Madagascar. BBC News

Some may question the reason we are experiencing all of these deadly outbreaks. The answer is two-fold starting with a stern warning from scientists two years ago. Mail Online 

The second answer lies with prophecy where Christ foretold in detail all that is happening in these last days. Matthew 24: 4-8.  The Good News Magazine takes a closer more in-depth look at the types pestilences that Christ spoke about and how it relates to this day and time.. GN Nov. 1975 (prelim. No, 11)

As disobedience abounds, we will continue our watch on the timeline as it relates to prophecy. It is our hope to continue forewarning all of God’s Chosen that the day of tribulation draws nigh.