By the COGCW News Team

The nation’s largest water reservoir in Lake Mead Nevada continues to shrink which is fueling fears that water levels will drop to a critically low stage in the not too distance future.

Environmental officials estimate approximately 2-trillion gallons of water has already evaporated from Lake Mead since 2000…and they warn if levels get any lower the effects will be devastating for parts of the already drought stricken California and seven other Colorado Basin states. Aol. Com presented striking images  from NASA which compare waters in 2013 to the present. Aol news-
In addition, according to experts are doubtful that the lake will ever 

The rapid changing weather patterns and the nation’s inability to quickly adapt to the growing delimma is a large part of the problem as well. In the meantime, CBS news reports officials are working to reduce consumption in the effected states. CBS news 

There have been troubles with water supply in pockets of cities throughout the nation. The most recent in Ohio and Tennessee. Ohio Residents were without drinking water for several days and hundreds of Nashville residents had to curtail water consumption due to equipment failures.

As troubling times become more intense, God’s called out ones are admonished to remain on alert and most of all be prepared for famine conditions just over the horizon. Good News 1966 (Vol XV No 04-05) Apr-May – Copy.pdf 

“World leaders predict mass famine and starvation. God’s Church knows total famine is coming. What should we do as members of the body of Christ? What is the balance of FAlTH AND WORKS that we should have in facing THlS end-time crisis? During the last Ministerial Conference Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong commissioned Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong to begin preparing a program on this vital subject for the Church. Working directly with him in this program is Mr. Dale L. Schurter. Read the basic, beginning research in this article from the Instructor in Animal Husbandry and Agriculture at Ambassador College in Texas.” by Dale L. Schurter “

In the meantime, as we make preparations and remain on alert, God’s people  are also encouraged  to avoid falling into fear or be troubled. Isaiah 41:10, Matthew 24:6-8