world map of bad weatherContributing Editor: Chris Westrick

Extreme and phenomenal weather patterns continue to rule the news daily. We’ve heard reports ranging  from devastating floods and mudslides to drought producing fires to drops in the temp so low that it has reportedly created deadly projectile ice from atop big city high rises….All from a constant and unrelenting barrage of seasonal storms that have continued to plague all four corners of the earth in one form or another. Luke 21:11

Add to those woes the fear of dangerously rising sea levels in Greenland brought on by a “tripling” in the amount of ice lost since 2003. In addition, researchers report the effects will likely be “irreversible” as all signs point to accelerated melting. Glacier Meltdown

The situation is so dire, landmark cities and entire countries are reportedly under threat. In fact, this particular news source encourages us to take one last look at where millions now dwell. “Places to see before they sink”

To give us more understanding as to what in the world is going on, Community Web’s Chris Westrick reminds us that these unusual weather patterns are spoken of in God’s prophecy. Mr. Westerick has provided an excerpt of what Mr. Armstrong had to say about these latter day conditions in a sermon given on July 21, 1971 called Zerubbabel’s Temple.”

God sends the rain on the just and unjust alike, and God can control the weather. Now, I don’t mean that He always does every little bit of a change in weather. God has set laws in motion that pretty much work automatically, and all that. God has sent lightening to strike certain ones dead that I guess were better off than if they were to go on living. And He did it for a great and good purpose.

Mr. Westrick adds “this is not by Mr. Armstrong, but this is an article from the 1980 Plain Truth. It was written by Clayton Steep when Mr. Armstrong was the Editor and Chief of the Plain Truth. It’s entitled  “What is Happening to our Weather”

Now with Spring upon us, officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA) predict more flooding and drought conditions with Ice jams in the forecast.  Spring 2014

While NOAA encourages the world to be on alert and weather ready, we who are scattered and watching are also readying ourselves making preparations as instructed from on High. It is our prayer that we are worthy to escape that which is coming upon an entire world lest it repents. Luke 21:36, Daniel 12:1