Editor’s Note: Most of this is taken from an article from someone in our groups, I do not know who at this time. I have changed some of it for the sake of clarity and it does now give my position on this important subject. The main changes that I have made is in removing references to Christ’s Broken body to Tortured Body as Christ’s body was never broken. Only the Bread that represents His body at Passover is broken and given to us to eat.


Many people in our groups have become confused over this question, let us strip our minds of confusing non-essentials, and try to get to the CRUX POINTS IN QUESTION. What, then, is our question? What are we trying now to settle?


The sole QUESTION to be settled is: AT WHAT TIME SHALL WE TAKE THE BREAD AND WINE TODAY? Such points as time of killing of lamb, or time of eating of lamb, or time of going out of Egypt, enter the discussion only in so far as they have bearing on the CENTRAL QUESTION: When shall we, today, take bread and wine.


If that point is fixed in mind, to gain UNDERSTANDING, let us ask,


What IS the ordinance in which we take bread and wine (regardless of whether it ought to be called “Lord’s Supper,” or “Passover,” or “Communion,” or “Eucharist.” WHY do we take it, WHAT IS it, and HOW do we find in God’s Word WHEN to take it? These are the questions we must UNDERSTAND. And we must avoid getting so close to a tree we can’t see the forest. We might be in a forest of 999 fir trees, and one oak tree, and get so close to the oak tree that we could see none of the others and so declare we were in an oak forest. Let’s not get so close to whether “passover” means “sacrifice,” or eating of roast lamb, or death-angel PASSING OVER that we lose sight of the UNDERSTANDING of the meaning, the purpose and the TIME of the bread and wine today. Let’s ask, then, “WHAT MEAN YE by these things?” and HOW? and WHEN?


First, then, what is the bread and the wine? What do they represent? “Jesus took bread, . . . and said, Take, eat; this is my body.” What is the wine? “He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; for this is my blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” (Mat_26:26-28).


What does the bread mean? Paul explains that to take it unworthily is to eat damnation to ourselves, “not discerning the Lord’s body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep,” (1Co_11:29-30). Jesus Himself took our sicknesses and diseases. How? “By His STRIPES we are HEALED.” His body was tortured that we might be healed — He thus suffered our sicknesses in our stead. Because many do not discern this and TRUST in it for healing, they take it unworthily and are weak, sick, and some die. His body was tortured for our healing. Therefore we break the bread. Our BREAKING it, or the minister’s breaking it, does not heal us. It means nothing till we ACCEPT it, by EATING it. When we do so we show we ACCEPT His tortured body, lashed with stripes, that we may be healed. When we DRINK the wine, we show again (annually) that we ACCEPT the blood of Christ for the remission of sins, that we may be spiritually saved. Jesus’ ministry was devoted to healing the sick (his tortured body) and preaching he Gospel (his shed blood) — and the efficacy is not accomplished merely by His having shed His blood and been sacrificed, or by His body having been tortured, but by OUR ACCEPTANCE of these in faith believing. We testify to this anew annually by TAKING, into our mouths, the bread and wine. The PURPOSE of the sacrifice and the stripes is not accomplished until WE ACCEPT AND PARTAKE of them. And today, regardless of the ancient passover, the ORDINANCE which is the crux of our question has to do with our EATING, and actually TAKING into our mouths, of these emblems.

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