pestilence picBy The COGCW NEWS TEAM

The deadly Ebola Virus has now taken the world’s center stage killing thousands in its wake and striking terror in the hearts of US citizens as it makes sparse appearances in this Nation. In the meantime while attention is focused on this latest pestilence, other fast spreading illnesses that are just as deadly abound. Habakkuk 3:5

What’s called the enterovirus or EV-D68 has claimed the lives of 5 children across the US, with doctors in Tennessee now trying to determine whether a recent death of a child is also attributed to the disease. Additionally, there has been little talk about the resurfacing of tuberculosis which since 2011 has reportedly claimed the lives of some 9 million people around the world. More devastating is the fact that Health officials are reportedly hard pressed to find any kind of successful treatment for TB. Medical News Today

These disastrous events and others to come have been the subject of prophecy since ancient times. The 1975 issue of the Good News magazine gives a gripping and detailed account of pestilence in the past and present and it’s relationship to prophecy. Good News November 1975 Prelim. No. 11 pg. 6

Sadly, as author Mr. George Ritter points out, “the world has yet to see the last of widespread disease epidemics”. In fact unless the world returns to the ways of the Heavenly Father, disastrous events such as famine, war and strange weather phenomenon will only get worse. Ezekiel 6:11

In the meantime and as always, God’s Chosen are to remain on alert as the day of tribulation continues to surface praying that we are deemed worthy to escape all that is about to take place. Psalm 91:1-16