Pride of our PowerIt appears not a day scarcely goes by without some type of verbal attack from some faction in America which consistently takes aim at the current system of government, lamenting it’s every move charging that the President is attempting to destroy the very fabric of this nation. Even leaders of various ministries who profess to be “neutral” in wordily affairs take duplicitous potshots from the pulpit against this country’s leader and his governing body.

Discontent has also birthed political uprisings with a certain type of character emerging into what’s being dubbed as a “fearlessness from among the people.”    Their battle cries are against a system they accuse of perpetrating an all-out war on decent paying jobs, the middle class, farmers, the homeless and a host of other ills. There is even a call for Americans to “stand up and fight” and “take back America” and free itself or “face the threat of enslavement!”

The question is can and will America pull itself up by the bootstraps and make a grand comeback. If we are to provide an answer, one need only look back to see where we are and follow God’s Word to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead. We can begin by getting a total picture by searching what God says about the “power and pride” of the Israelite nations in these latter days. Leviticus 26:19. While at some point a beast power is prophesied to make it seem as if all problems are solved, what plays out in the scriptures tell us otherwise.
As 1 Cor. 10:11 states, the Old Testament and the experience of the ancients provides for a great guide map to further develop our framework. The book of Jeremiah serves as a type of what is happening today. It was a time when the children of Israel and their leaders continuously sinned against God by refusing to obey His statues, rejecting His laws and serving other gods. In turn, the disobedience triggered a slow decline over a period of centuries which waxed worse and worse for the children of Israel and led to their eventual captivity by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar under King Zedekiah- Jer. 52:1-34.

In direct Contrast, America has been on a slow decline as well. A descent that according to Mr. Armstrong has been into play since the early 1950’s beginning with the Korean War. God has begun removing his blessing from the children of Abraham as a direct result of continued disobedience. It appears that God continues to be true to His Word and “will not be mocked” Gal. 6:7. In fact the “skies are turning to iron” and the ground as “brass” with severe Drought conditions in parts of the US and more bad weather in the form of ice and snow predicted for the East to West. Bizarre weather phenomenon in recent months has spawned descriptive terms such as “epic flooding”, “of biblical proportions” and “apocalyptic” in some cases. More than 100 earthquakes in varying intensities as recently as this week has left many Oklahomans confounded and wondering why the “Earth is shaking”. -Oklahoma Earthquakes: Fracking, Or  Just Ordinary Seismic Activity? |
On the economic front, we see conflicting reports each day on front page news touting the economy is on the road to recovery but a closer look reveals a trend forming words like the “frozen economy” and “frozen consumer spending.” A growing number of Americans refuse to spend for fear of losing all their possession because of a weak economy and job loss.   It is a climate being closely watched by economists who are keeping a close eye on China’s financial health which they point to as an economic indicator as to where America is headed. Global economy

While bizarre weather conditions, political unrest and economic downturn all present scary prospects, we as God’s scattered ones must consider Jesus’ admonishment in Matthew 24:6 “to see that we are not troubled” or become complacent and nonchalant. We must re-focus on our goal to “watch” in order that we avoid being caught in a “snare”. In addition, we would also do well to remember who it is that has set up the current system of government for HIS purposes. Dan. 2:21