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How do you explain to others what we believe when asked? We will be going over scriptures that tell the plain truth on this subject. We have prepared an article that has all of the scriptures put together for you in one place.

Click here to read the article: Once Saved Always Saved?

Anyone is invited to these online training sessions. We will be showing how to present what we believe in such a manner that is effective yet nonthreatening. We plan to do some role-playing it can be quite entertaining.

Below is the beginning part of the article linked above.

Today, most people who profess to believe and teach a biblically based worship system, believe that all a person has to do in order to have eternal life and enter the Kingdom of God, is to believe that Jesus Christ is their personal savior, make a profession of faith, and the deed is done. That person is now assured of salvation without any further effort on their part.

But is this true? Is this all that is required in order to acquire eternal life and enter the Sovereign God’s, Heavenly Kingdom? Or is there something else that is required?

It might surprise you to know that the popular teaching commonly known as Once Saved Always Saved, has no biblical basis and cannot be found anywhere in the Bible.

Few people who profess to believe the things written in the Bible realize that there is much more that is required, than a mere profession of faith to be assured of being granted immortality in the Family and Kingdom of God.

If you are a person who professes to believe in what is written in the Bible, and are serious about entering the Kingdom of God as an immortal spirit-being, you might want to pay careful attention to the information contained in this broadcast. Because you will not find very many people who know or understand what I am about to tell you concerning what is actually required in order to enter the Kingdom of God and avoid the second death from which there is no return.

The purpose for human existence has been a mystery to most of humanity for many centuries, but now in this age, the mystery of God’s purpose and plan for the creation of this dimension of existence is beginning to be revealed in a major way.

God the Father and Jesus Christ’s purpose for humanity is so awesome and exciting that it is almost beyond belief. God the Father, the One who sent his Son Jesus Christ to earth over nineteen hundred years ago, is in the process of creating children out of human beings; Yes, that’s right! God, the Father is expanding his family:

God the Father has embarked upon the greatest and grandest of all his creations; he is creating beings just like himself, and his intent is to share with them all he has created or will create throughout all eternity: (Phil.3:21; 1.Jn.3:2)

During this gospel age of many people are being offered a tremendous opportunity to be among the first of mankind to become immortal spirit-beings in the Sovereign Father’s Family and Kingdom. But few truly understand the process of salvation, as detailed in the Bible.

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