Here is a vital question! You need to know the answer!

Are the ecstatic utterances that come from the mouths of members of some charismatic churches true manifestations of the New Testament gift of tongues? Are they from the holy spirit?

Or are they, as others would contend, a dangerous counterfeit?

This question is of no small importance. Many feel such “speaking in tongues” is proof one has the holy spirit or at least proof one has some superior level of the spirit. Is this true? You need to know. And even more, you need to know even more when someone asks you what you believe.

Tonight’s Share the Word class will cover this topic from a Doctrinal Outline prepared during the time of the Worldwide Church of God.

We will cover the basic doctrine, what the world believes, as well as what the bible actually says. We will be showing you the basic scriptures you need to have ready to explain what we believe and why.

It should be an enjoyable session. Come on in and share with us your experiences so we can learn how to talk about this issue on a loving and effective manner.

The classes usually last only about an hour but you are welcome to stay and fellowship afterward.

The Class will meet at 8 pm CDT during the Daylight Savings time period. Here is the link to the room:

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