Newsletter Mailing ListOur Christ’s Knock Newsletter Mail List brings you information each week about what Christ is doing in this ERA of His church and the things He said we needed to be doing. Laodicea is asleep according to Christ. To wake up they need eye-salve for their eyes because they are blinded. They cannot see how close we are to the end of the age of man’s rule.

This Newsletter and mail list will bring you that eye salve and the tools that we all need to get ourselves, the bride of Christ, ready! We will also be sending you invitations to join us for live events where you can fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ in an Online Meeting Room, regardless of your COG affiliation. Text, Audio and Video tools are available for your use.

We also discuss whatever questions you may have to ask without any penalty for having asked. As long as we all look to the word of God for our ultimate answer then everything will be fine. God’s Spirit is very welcome in these discussions. It is our belief that iron cannot sharpen iron unless it comes in contact.

As was said above the Online Meeting Rooms are open to any in the Body of Christ without concern for your affiliation or church group. All are welcome here. This website and all we do here is a service to the Body of Christ in the Laodicean ERA of God’s Church.

Brethren this is the Last Generation of man’s rule over the earth and the last ERA of God’s Church before Christ returns. Christ himself has told us a number of things that He has found wanting in Laodicea. He is doing a work here in the time phase of the church that is far different than what was done before in Philadelphia. These things are important for us to know and understand.

Matthew 25:1-14 shows us a parable that indicates over 50% of the church that must go into the Great Tribulation will not make it out the other side. They will lose their eternal lives. But if they listen to the warnings and advice of Christ they can get ready in time to avoid this time of Jacob’s Trouble.

This Newsletter and Website is about showing you what that work of Christ is and what you need to do as well as why. Sign up today and see what we are talking about. There is no obligation and you can unsubscribe very easy.

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