Calendar Controversy Cover

The Hebrew calendar has served God’s people for thousands of years by determining the appropriate time to observe His commanded assemblies. Few ever questioned it, but this is no longer the case. A growing number are now challenging this time-honored instrument. Some who oppose the Hebrew calendar reject its use of postponements. Others believe it should strictly be based on observation as opposed to calculation. The contention over this issue has become so strident that it has even prompted the formation of new organizations; with some actually creating their own calendar. The result has been confusion!
But it does not have to be this way. We can be sure of God’s will in this matter, There is a genuine Biblical answer that can put this issue to rest!

This month shall be unto you the beginning of months:
It shall be the first month of the year to you.
~ Exodus 12:2 ~

The calendar is an extraordinary instrument that most people generally take for granted.  Without it, our lives would be vastly different.  In the world today, every aspect of society is affected by our calculation of time.  Whether it is finance, agriculture, technology, construction, information systems, manufacturing, or entertainment—the calendar has played a critical role in both the things we plan and the things we do.
When it comes to God’s people, this remarkable device has even greater meaning.  For without a reliable mechanism for calculating times and seasons it would be impossible to celebrate God’s annual holy days in accordance with His word.
It is this that now brings us to the controversy the Church faces today.  How can God’s people know if the calendar they have relied on for millennia is reliable?  Is it possible that God’s Church has followed human tradition when attempting to honour His instructions regarding His annual Sabbaths?
What is the truth?  Can God’s people celebrate the Biblical holy days according to the Hebrew calendar, or must they find another means of determining when to assemble before their Creator?  Furthermore, does the Hebrew calendar fulfill God’s Biblical requirements for calculating His festivals, or, should we look for something else?  Finally, is there a specific calendar designated by God that is revealed in His word?
This booklet examines these questions and offers insight into this important end-time issue.  Because of the numerous opinions advanced by various parties, each claiming to have the truth, the arguments can seem overwhelming, complex and endless.  The following pages address the most popular of these arguments, putting them in a perspective that readers can understand.
In an effort to add clarity to this analysis, the subject is presented in seven parts.  Each part provides answers to one of the issues that comprise the current calendar controversy.  Together they are submitted in the hope that God’s people can be assured that there is an answer worthy of their trust.

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