This evening we had the first of our Question and Answer sessions. We enjoyed and learned much I believe from the questions asked and the discussions that came out of them. But no surprise really in a truly open Q & A session the question was raised about the Calendar Issue.

What if the calendar we are using is wrong are we sinning by keeping the wrong day?

It was of course too big a question for a simple Q & A session to deal with yet there was some discussion and a question lingered in my mind. Is it a sin to keep the wrong Holy Day like it would be a sin to keep the wrong day for the Sabbath?

Is it our job to determine how to calculate the calendar? I am not sure it is really, myself. To me it has always been the fact the it was the Jews who were given the oracles of God and therefore they were responsible to tell us when a day falls. We are responsible to determine when to keep what day on that calendar is a Holy Day but we are not given the responsibility to determine where the day falls on the calendar.

But in any case is it sin to keep theĀ  wrong day if the calendar we use shows it that way even if the calendar we use is wrong? After all we are keeping the correct day according to the calendar we believe in.

Those who are teaching a different calendar want to say that we are sinning if we do not keep the right calendar. Is it? I think that if we are keeping the right day on whatever calendar we believe in then we are not sinning. Of course if you believe the other calendar is correct and keep the old one for the sake of your friends then it would be sin to you.

At least this is how I view it, what do you think? Are we sinning if we keep the wrong calendar? Is that really the issue as regards sin.