Written by the Cog Community Web Watch Team


 Meet 52- year-old John. An upstanding citizen who has spent most of his life working hard and taking care of  his family. One day, while traveling home from work he is rear ended by a distracted driver. Fortunately for John the accident did not take his life but he is transported to the hospital having suffered an injury to his back.

With this type of injury, the road to recovery will entail several follow-up visits to the doctor with a full recovery as a prognosis. In meantime, John’s back is healing but he’s relying more and more on his pain medicines even though his pain is easing. Though unintended, John joins millions who are addicted to prescription pain killers. The National Institute on Drug Abuse warns of the dangers of becoming too drug dependent despite the fact that a doctor prescribes the medications. NIH statistics

As discussed in last week’s article, government officials report the prescription drug problem in America is now an epidemic- Report on Prescription Drug Abuse . The dependence on pills and its dangerous effects was a subject of discussion during the Philadelphia era as well. Mr. Raymond F. McNair discussed in detail the powerful hold pills had on the world decades ago in an article penned in the Plain Truth Magazine. In Fact Mr. McNair equates the problem to Idolatry. “Era of the All Powerful Pill”-

The issue of Prescription Drugs and the subtle ways one can become entrapped into overuse and abuse is one more reminder to those of us who are scattered to remain on watch as to what is coming and to avoid being pulled back into an ever seductive world. 2 timothy 2:26