homeless_jpg-thumbBy The Cogcw Watch Team

In keeping with our mission to check the pulse of the times as it relates to prophecy, we turn attention to the plight of  world homelessness. While there are conflicting reports on whether the population is rising or falling, recent news cannot be ignored that more tent cities are popping up across the nation than ever before. Homelessness on the rise

The homeless population currently stands at about 1.75 million according to the website statistic brain. Homelessness/Poverty Stats. The US Housing and Urban development Agency however surmises that the actual number of the nation’s homeless population is likely twice as high. HUD stats

Yet and still, another news agency reported in March that there are fewer people on the streets. Either way, finding one self in that predicament is not only scary but extremely dangerous in this day and time. Aljazeera America-.
In addition, The National Coalition for the Homeless reveals that homelessness for many of us is only one major mishap away.  Homelessness factors

Amid all the dismal statistics and failed efforts  by government and world rescue agencies to prevent the crisis, the only solution rest with God. A Plain Truth Article by Mr. Roderick Meredith summed it all up in 1964.  Mr. Meredith explained “Poverty is a result of Broken Law

We will continue our watch on events as God’s Word of Prophecy draws nearer.  keeping in mind Christ’s word of warning in Matthew 24 of what’s to come.