Here is a video which describes what is found in the book
The Knock of Laodicea – A call to Rise

This video was produced a few years ago and while it shows clearly what Christ is doing and why it is important in this ERA of God’s Church, the conclusion of what those who hear this knock should do is now more clear.

Where we at one time thought that those who could hear what Christ was saying should immediately rise up and join with us to help spread the message of what Christ is doing. And that is true but it is not necessary that you rise up and join yet another group because there is no group for you to join.

No you should rise up and begin to watch and see what you had not seen before. You should spread this message to your friends and family within the body of Christ. All are invited to come and see what we are talking about to join in the live online fellowship meetings. We are here to help you see how to spread the word as individuals. To Help Christ as an individual to do the work He is doing in this ERA just like the Church as a group put their hand to the plow to help Christ and to walk through the open door that He provided to Philadelphia.

In this ERA He is doing a different work Rev 3:19-21 than he did in Philadelphia Rev 3:7-8.

The Church of the Laodicean(s) are scattered everyone today. Christ is no longer working with the groups as single entity anymore. He is doing a work that they are not and that has placed Him outside knocking on the door of the individual member of the body of Christ wherever that person might be no matter who he is affiliated with as a group. In Christ’s mind the groups are no longer relevant He is interested in reaching each of us as individuals and to put our hand to help him we have to do that as individuals.

We can show you the eye salve that Laodicea needs to have so that they can see why they are in fact naked and blind, unable to see that at all. We can give you the tools you need to go as an individual and share what Christ is doing and what He expects us to be doing.