Plague of Darkness

Plague of Darkness

That Ninth Plague, occurring just before the Deaths of Egypt’s Firstborn of both man and beast, contains Details Essential to the Exodus Narrative.

A very common misconception permeates religious communities in their perceptions of events relating to the timing and conduct of the Exodus of Israel from bondage in Egypt. The greater segment holds that both the Passing-Over and the Exodus were accomplished within the same eleven hours of darkness in the middle of the first month of the Hebrew Calendar. In other words, that both events occurred within the same night.

Now, to accommodate this position, it’s necessary to hold that the original Passover evening in Egypt had to have been observed (eaten at least) after the fourteenth day had actually ended (at sunset). This is very important, as there’s no-one who advocates that the Exodus was underway in the night portion of the fourteenth day. Despite a clear Scripture that indicates the two events were separated by a full day, there are still many who align with the prevailing Jewish position, placing both within the same evening, that of the fifteenth, with the Pass-over meal being eaten prior to midnight and the Exodus taking place immediately thereafter.

Two other ‘problem areas’ that need to be dealt with relative to this are: 1. the command by Moses for all to remain in their homes until morning and to burn any remains of their Paschal meal in the morning, (which would have them still there in the morning, which a Scripture states that they did do), and 2. for Israel to have ‘spoiled the Egyptians’ prior to observing the Passover. The ‘remain inside until morning’ instruction is resolved and dismissed in the minds of many by declaring that after mid-night is the start of ‘morning’ as in on our method of time reckoning, (though not theirs’) thus they were free to leave as soon as the Passing Over (at midnight) had occurred. But if this actually were the case, why would it have been necessary to even issue and preserve such an instruction? It would have meant nothing, as there was practically no restriction involved at all.

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