Much debate is going on within the Body of Christ today as to What the Feast of Trumpets represents and how it relates to the Seventh Trump and Pentecost.

It is not my purpose here to debate it one way or another but to show how it is possible given the structure of the words in the bible that the two events are not only related but directly connected in the bible.

Mr. Armstrong always said that there were going to be multiple Trumpets blown on the Feast of Trumpets as they were signs of war and alarm as certainly would be extant as Christ returns to make war with satan and the nations.

Yet what if there is a meaning behind the use of the word TRUMPETS(plural) in the description. What if there is actually a connection between the Last Trumpet and the Multiple Trumpets.

We are told that the Feast of Pentecost represents the spring harvest of the Firstfruits of God’s Kingdom and we know that the firstfruits are indeed harvested at the sound of(the beginning of) the 7th or Last Trumpet of the Trumpet plagues. We do see them standing on a sea of Glass(where ever that happens to be located) just before the 7 last plagues are poured out on the world. We know that the 7th vial pictures the return of Christ to the earth to war against the nations and set up His Kingdom.

Now given that the harvest of the Firstfruits AND the Seven Last Plagues or bowls are PART AND PARCEL with the 7th Trumpet is it really a stretch of the imagination to see that the two Festival are in fact connected? The SEVENTH TRUMPET is blown and continues to blow until the First Fruits are harvested meeting Christ in the air gathering at the Sea of Glass while the 7 vials are poured out on the earth the last of which culminates in Christ returning with the Saints and the Host of Heaven to establish God’s Kingdom on the earth.

The Seventh Trumpet represents BOTH the Feast of Pentecost AND the Feast of Trumpets. It in fact blows continuously from the Resurrection till Christ returns at Trumpets. They are connected and have always been The feasts at each end of this “end of the age phenomenon” are BOTH represented by the Last Trump of God.

What do you think? Does that makes sense? It clears up a lot of the controversy to me and does not change what we understand about each feast at all the way I see it.