All Saints will rise immortal at the Second Coming:

Despite the fact that the resurrection of all Saints which occurs at the time of Christ’s Second Coming contrasts with the common teaching of them having ‘gone to heaven’ upon their death, being raised in immortal Spirit bodies is a clear Biblical Promise.

[Revelation 2:11] He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death
[Revelation 20:6] … those first resurrected are exempt from the second death.
[John 5:24] Faithful believers are exempt from eternal death already.
[1st Corinthians 15:51-54] … all Saints are to be changed to Spirit at the Second Coming.
[1st Corinthians 15:20-23] … all Saints resurrections will be like Christ’s resurrection.
[1st Thessalonians 4:13-17] … those dead shall rise immortal at the Last Trump.

There will be a Rewards Ceremony at the Second Coming:

While we must at some point appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ, the fact of our pre-judgment to Life suggests a different scene than the Final Judgment’s sentencing at the End of Time. Overcomers will be rewarded based on merit, for the accomplishments in their spiritual lives, using the power of the Holy Spirit toward perfection.

[Matthew 16:27] … the glorified Son will come rewarding each man’s works.
[1st Corinthians 3:8] … each will receive reward according to his own labors.
[2nd Timothy 4:8] … a crown of righteousness awaits us at His appearing.
[Revelation 11:18] … the time of reward to Saints is announced – Second Coming
[Rev. 20:5] Those raised in the first resurrection experience an additional 1000 years of Life

The vast majority are raised to life after the millennium:

Christ’s own words explain that the majority, (the rest of the dead who are not included in the first resurrection), will wait in their graves until sometime after the millennium. We are made aware that there is to be another resurrection unlike the first one. But a curious statement, that only those who hear the call to arise will do so at that time, as opposed to an even later resurrection in which ALL will hear. Some see these as a second and third resurrection. It could also be interpreted as a phase one / phase two situation in those physical resurrections that occur after the millennium. Christ spoke of people from vastly different ages rising up together and learning of each other’s response failures.

[Revelation 20:5] The rest of the dead arise after the 1000 year millennium.
[Ezekiel 37:] … describes the resurrection of physical Israel after the 1000 years.
[1st Corinthians 15:22-23] … each will be resurrected in his own order.
[Matthew 12:41-42] The dead of vastly different ages will rise together and co-mingle.
[Luke 11:31-32] The dead of vastly different ages will rise together and co-mingle.
[John 5:25] Those who hear the (first) call at that time will arise, exempt from condemnation.

There is yet an opportunity period for those not-called in this age:

What is not generally understood is the full purpose of that resurrection that will occur after the millennium. It is thought of as a Judgment situation, but in fact is not for the purpose of immediate sentencing. Instead, it allows evaluation of those who lived and died without ever having had an opportunity for salvation. Those who did have a true chance in their natural lifetimes, and who rejected it, remain in their graves until the Final Sentencing event at the end of time.

[Revelation 20:12] … the “books” are opened to the understanding of the formerly blinded.
[Revelation 20:12] … the Book of Life is also re-opened to add new names into it.
[Revelation 7:9] A great innumerable multitude respond after the ‘firstfruits’ generation.
[Revelation 7:13-15] These too are destined for the Family, as children, dwelling with God.
[Isaiah 65:20] A child of God during the millennium will die and await sentencing as now!
[Matt. 25:31-46] Both righteous and wicked will rise together for Final Sentencing at the END!
[Rev. 14:14] White Cloud event shows the harvest of those converted after the Second Coming.

Those who reject salvation will have earned the Second Death:

Rejection of the calling of God has serious consequences. Being called by God is an extreme privilege. Rejecting ones’ opportunity by indifference or thru neglect leaves that individual in an irreversible condition. No one is assigned to the second death without having had their opportunity to become converted. At Final Sentencing, it would be patently unjust to condemn an individual to eternal death who never had an opportunity. The same would be true of the recipients of eternal Life. Assignment to either destiny, in order to be just, must be based on their acceptance or rejection of their calling and their achievement with regard to overcoming.

[Hebrews 6:4-6] … impossible to restore the calling of one who purposefully turns away.
[Hebrews 10:26-29] Spurning the Gift of the Holy Spirit imposes a spiritual death sentence.
[Matthew 25:33 & 41-46] … goat-acting individuals face extinction in the Lake of Fire.
[Hebrews 10:31] … a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
[John 15:2] There is a pruning process where unfruitful are removed from the Family of faith.
[Revelation 21:8] … unbelievers will perish in the Lake of Fire which is the Second Death.
[Matthew 10:28] Fear Him who is able to destroy both body and soul in Gehenna (Hell Fire).

This is an Excerpt from the book: The Message to God’s Called-Out Ones by the Christian Church of God Grand Junction Colorado. You can read the entire book at the link above.