I just listened to a sermon done by Mr. Art Braidic in 1995 entitled “One Moment in Time”. In the sermon he shows us that there is a time for everything and that what we have gone through as a people since Mr. Armstrong died and the Apostasy began has a reason.

It has built until there is such a convergence of events and happenings that lead to a moment in time that is in fact OUR MOMENT IN TIME. A time that if we move in the right direction that we can achieve great things in our lives. He maintains that it was God’s intention that we be brought to this very moment in time so that we can grow and become leaders in the Kingdom of God that is coming at us so fast.

I thought it was particularly inspiring and motivating so I am sharing it with you here in this post.

And it fits perfectly with what Christ says that He is doing in this ERA of the church. Working with each of us as individuals to prepare the bride of Christ.