Here is a great song put together by an Jewish singing group regarding what they refer to as the Passover.  It is really well done and I am sure you will enjoy it. But take note of my comments below the video after you hear it. Quite eye opening when you think about it.


What these folks are actually celebrating so well is the “Night to be Much Remembered”. They call this the Passover because the Jewish people keep the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread together and call it all the “Passover”. They are quite happy and rightly so because the day that they keep is actually the day they left Egypt, the evening of the 15th.

But Passover reminds us as Christians of the Sacrifice that Christ made for each of us as the Passover lamb that we might be saved. For us it is a much more solemn celebration or remembrance of that sacrifice. The Jewish people of course do not understand that yet.