earth_from_space1By The Cogcw Watch Team

Shock waves continue to reverberate around the world in the aftermath of the downing of Maylasian flight MH 17 which according to officials marks the largest crime scene in history. It is the nature of this heinous atrocity and other acts of violence around the world which prophecy speaks of and predicts will continue to rise. Matthew 24:7-12

In the meantime as prophecy plays out, the problem of violence has prompted a meeting of minds worldwide. Hundreds of experts are set to strategize at the “Global Reduction Conference hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in September 2014. The goal is to reduce crime by 50% in the next 30 years. WHO conference   The  Centers of Disease Control CDC has released statics showing that violence is the cause of more than 1.6 million deaths worldwide annually. And more than 90% of the crimes occur in low and middle-income countries. In all parts of the world, violence is the leading cause of death for persons ages 15-44.  CDC Report

In the US, violent Crimes are reportedly down but  concerns linger over the number of crimes against women and violence in the school yard in light of reports of recent shootings. Fox News online reported on a study by the Crime Prevention Research Center which claims while murders are down, the number of Americans obtaining gun permits is on the rise. Fox

Whether speaking  about violent crimes abroad or at home, there seems to be one common denominator that comes into play when discussing any form of violent crime and that is the use of  weapons in any form…a subject spoken extensively about years ago during Mr. Armstrong’s era. A plain Truth article written several decades ago gives us the “real” reason why there is so much Crime and violence on earth–Plain Truth article.-April 1977 pg. 15 “The Real Reason Behind the World Wide wave of Crime & Violence.

As prophecy continues to march forward in these latter days, God’s chosen ones are admonished to continue on alert as the times are likened to the days of Noah and we know not whence will be the return of our Lord and Saviour. Matthew 24:36-44