I read a concept today that really struck home.

If you are not committed to anything then you are distracted by everything.

During the years of the WCG we were all committed to a work. Not just the commission of the church to preach(teach) the gospel in all the the world and to make disciples. But rather the special work given to the Philadelphia ERA of God’s church. The work that in essence was Christ’s work given to Mr. Armstrong to do. The work of taking the Gospel to the world and the world’s leaders as a witness(not teaching but announcing). Christ opened the doors for that work to be done. Rev 3:8

Mr. Armstrong said that the work of witnessing to the world was completed. The work that Christ is doing in this ERA is completely different than before. Rev 3:20

Much of the ministry has decided that Mr. Armstrong must have been wrong so they are trying to continue his work or to finish it as some say. But that is not in sync with the work that Christ is doing today. We cannot really commit to doing a work that Christ is not doing even if we want to. As a result we are in fact distracted by everything. We can know longer see clearly the work set before us and because of that our zeal has dwindled and we are becoming lukewarm.

Brethren look again at Rev 3:19-21 look at the work that Christ said he was doing in this ERA the Laodicean ERA of God’s Church. Try and see yourself helping Christ do that work. Open the door for him in your life and respond accordingly, Spread the word to your brethren in all the church of the Laodiceans about what Christ is really doing.

Be zealous about it get them doing the same thing you are doing that I am doing. Lets get a grass roots movement amongst the Body of Christ to help all our brethren become aware of what is going on and what they need to do to be a part of helping Christ to the work that He has commissioned for this ERA of His church.

Once we commit to the Real work of Christ, then we will see our Zeal and Repentance truly increase, only then will we see the door to our minds and hearts really open to Christ so He can come in and sup with us. We need to be as committed today as we were back in the WCG.

Remember how it felt to be part of something bigger than ourselves? It wasn’t a man’s work that we were committed to it was the work of the Living Christ. We wanted to help. We wanted to be a part of it. Once again brethren let’s commit ourselves to the work of the Living Christ in Laodicea.