By Ellery Burgess


In “The Knock” portion of this Web Site we have seen that we are living in the Laodicean era or age of the seven distinct periods of time that God’s Church will inhabit until Jesus Christ comes to dwell on this earth the second time. When He came the first time it was to qualify to set on the throne over all of the earth and to pay the ransom price for all of humanity. That has been done. He did indeed qualify to set on the throne over all the earth but has not yet been inducted into office. That will happen at His second coming. Satan will be bound and put into the bottomless pit and a seal set on that pit so Satan cannot deceive the nations for a 1000 years.


The people of God’s Church who are alive today are living in that final period of time that the Bible calls Laodicea. This is the period of time that will lead right into the second coming of Jesus Christ. Christ is doing a work in this era, the Laodicean era of His Church. Just as He did a distinct work in each of the 6 eras before, so He is doing a distinct work in this final era or age. Most recognize what the work was that Christ did in the 6th era but few recognize the work that He is doing in this 7th era, even though that work is clearly stated in Rev. 3:19 – 22.


In Rev.3:19, Christ calls upon each of us to repent. If we are willing to do that, to repent, He will come into our lives and feed us. Repent of what ? Of shutting Him out, for He is shut out or else He would not have to knock and ask to be let in. Upon entering the Leodicean age that we all lived over into, the people of God began to do their own thing. Ministers and lay members alike began to make their own judgments, their own rules and make their own decisions. When Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong died, we had the government of God, we had the great body of restored truths. Those who came into power at headquarters began to replace those truths with false doctrines. The true children of God, those who possess the Holy spirit of God and were actively led by that spirit had to flee that organization. The ministers went out and each started their own group and called it the Church of God. They said “hey, Christ is over here, come here and place yourselves under my rule and you have Christ”. Some of the members of God’s true Church followed them. This has happened time after time and is still going on today. Some members refused to follow those men. They formed their own church, calling it the Church of God, some just went home and held Sabbath services in their homes, using sermons by Mr. Armstrong. Some went into the various Sunday keeping churches of this world. Some just went home and quit, period.


From the time that God’s people began to judge, rule, and decide for their self what is right and what is wrong, and to do their own works, they shut Jesus Christ out. And so it has gone since 1986, when Mr. Armstrong died and the Philadelphian era ended, until now. We are now near the end of this final period of time just before Christ returns. It is near the end that Christ states that He is now knocking and calling on us to repent. If we are willing to recognize what we have been doing and truly repent, turn from having our own way and begin to allow Christ to come into our life and guide us, feed us the food that will nurture us and help us grow into mature Christians who are following Christ and, with zeal, living as he would have us live, and do the true work of God by supporting Christ, as He is the one doing the work of God.

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