In Eph 6:15 we read about one of parts of the Armor of God that is to be used when we go into battle against the powers of darkness.

Eph 6:15  And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

Have you ever wondered what the preparation of the gospel of peace has to do with foot wear? The following is about the roman soldiers foot wear was an essential part of their armor.

 roman-sandleRoman Sandals: Military footwear
Footwear played a major role in the development of the Roman Civilization. Better shod armies traveled further across rougher terrain. As the empire expanded however supplies to the outposts from Rome became impractical. Roman sandal and shoe making and vegetable tanning (van Driel-Murray,2007) were therefore introduced to the conquered. The Roman Empire stretched far beyond Greek boundaries and the terrain and weather conditions necessitated more sturdy footwear (van Driel-Murray,2007). The Greeks were preoccupied with elegance and grace whereas during the Republic (circa 509 BCE – 43AD), the Romans were more pragmatic and devised thongs suitable for military activities. The Etruscans had developed brass tacks and the Romans adapted these to hobnailed footwear suitable for foot soldiers required to march on hard and rough terrain. The shoe tack turned the humble sandal into militarized hob nailed sandals ideal for protection and traction to optimized grip for the marching soldier and combatant. Gradually local shoe making crafts were incorporated and jubilant soldiers returned to Rome proudly sporting their ethnic shoes as souvenirs from successful campaigns. During Imperial Rome (27 BCE–AD 47/1461) shoes were supplied to soldiers and because most of the sandals were mass produced this created a massive industry. According to Sparkes Hall, soldiers often had to pay for their own hobnails although at times some Emperors did have them issued free. According to van Driel- Murray (2007) soldiers could expect three pairs per year.

As you can see the sandals used by the roman army was designed to give them sure footing in any kind of terrain or condition.

How does having our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace give us sure footing in our spiritual battles.

Think about what the gospel of peace of the Kingdom of God really says to us and how it gives us sure footing. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God gives us a road map so that we know where we are all the time. If you know the true Gospel of the Kingdom then you know the plan of God. You know why we are here and where we are going and how we are going to get there.

This knowledge is what gives us the sure footing needed to fight a battle. If we are so equipped then we can’t be moved off the path we are on. This foundation of the Armor of God gives us the ability to use every other piece of Armor more effectively. If your footing is unsure then you cannot put real force to the sword of the spirit or take protection from the shield of Faith.

So take the time to learn the gospel message properly.

This fall season of Holy Days provides an excellent time to review the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Plan or road map, if you will, revealed by it.

Raymond Mills