London Police Tweet Chilling Picture

Gun grabbers on the progressive left will often point to bans on firearms in places such as the United Kingdom, attempting to portray those areas as violence-free Utopias now that evil guns have been removed from the hands of the people.

But the U.K. is far from violence-free, and the current situation there has revealed that the grabbers won’t stop at just banning firearms, but will seek to also ban and confiscate anything that can potentially be used as a weapon, such as knives and other bladed or sharp implements.

The above tweet from the Regents Park area of the Metropolitan Police displayed the “weapons” that were seized in a recent police sweep. Those deadly weapons taken off the streets included common items that could be found in any tool box or kitchen drawer in an American home.

Indeed, not only are subjects of the U.K. forbidden to own or carry guns, but they also aren’t permitted to own or carry knives, and apparently now are forbidden from possessing files, needle-nosed pliers, scissors, screwdrivers or wire cutters.

The seizure of those common household items was part of what is known as Operation Scepter, a police initiative aimed at reducing knife crime and violence by finding and removing dangerous “weapons” from the streets, often by way of weapons sweeps, test purchases in shops that sell them and “stop and searches” on the streets, an action similar to the much-maligned “stop and frisk” tactic that liberals hate so much.

The operation has been run in conjunction with educational efforts to try and deter young people from obtaining knives or other “weapons” as well as making available no less than 30 “knife surrender bins” in the city of London alone where knife owners can give up their weapons without getting into trouble.

Sent in by Raymond Mirabile from an article posted on the Conservative Tribune