I discovered an excellent sermon/video that covers much of what is lacking in Laodicea that is causing God to cast them into the Great Tribulation.

We all have been given so much truth that we sometimes forget that being a Christian is more than knowledge itself it requires actions on our part to make our “election” sure.

Do you want to know what we need to be doing to be sure that will make sure that we will never fail? Well here is what Laodicea is lacking and needs to be doing.

Seven Keys to Making Your Calling and Election Sure


by Mr. Jim Meridith the Living Church of God

This is why Christ is “Knocking” on the door of each individual member of the BODY of Christ in this ERA. This is what is missing. We need to put action(ZEAL) into our beliefs and add it to our knowledge. This is what would give God the Father what He needs to account us worthy to escape what is coming.