During bible study the other night we were talking about the World War II “Ghost Army” A battalion of US Army troops staffed with artists, sound and camouflage experts who were used to simulate an army when and where there was no such army. Using Rubber inflated tanks artillery pieces and trucks plus sounds of the real things moving and radio specialists who mimicked the radio traffic of the real army, they fooled the German Army into being in the wrong place at the right time.

I thought about that and wondered if that wasn’t a lie and as such should we participate in its production. Aside from the question as to whether we should be in an army in the first place.

But then I remembered the story of Gideon’s Army of 300. How God told Gideon to move at night toward the enemy forces with hidden lamps and then told them to suddenly break the covering over all the lamps and make a loud shout making the enemy camp believe they were being attacked by a large force of Israelites. It worked but isn’t that a lie also?

And then the story of Rahab was brought up who was told to lie to the people of Jericho and whom God blessed greatly for doing so.

So I realized that I did not have the answer to this question. There is some concept given in God’s word undoubtedly that would explain this and give a guiding principle but I have not yet been able to sufficiently search it out.

Do any of you folks have any ideas regarding this question that might throw more light on the question and how to deal with it.