Is this this statement true? I wonder?

I was reading some posts from a friend and brother in Christ the other day and I noticed something that got me to thinking.

If you state something that is not true but which you think is true are you lying? this friend was very annoyed at people who were preaching a doctrine that was different from what we know to be true. But one that they obviously thought was true. Were they Lying? or were they merely stating a falsehood that they believed to be true.

In Exodus 20 the 9th Commandment says that we are not to bear false witness. To me that means that we must not say a thing is one way when we know it is another and are a witness to the fact of the matter. In other words we know our statement is false. That is telling a lie. But that also puts the burden of proof on us. By that I mean that we must know something to be true, we must have proven it ourselves before we can legally state it as fact. If we state doctrines to be true with out truly proven them to ourselves we could legally be accused then of lying.

But in continuing to think about it, I realized that we must also take into account those who have been deceived by Satan. If they are not called by God at this time, whether they think so or not, they cannot really understand the truth and are thus vulnerable to being deceived by Satan. Not their fault that they believe a lie perpetrated by Satanic forces.

So in retrospect they really can’t know that they are telling falsehoods(incorrect statements) therefore they cannot be accused of lying only of saying something that was false.

So we should not be angry against these people who are deceived rather we should reach out to try and help them in a meek and humble manner and then only to those who have shown they are willing to hear. Otherwise it falls under the warning that Christ gave to not cast our pearls before swine(unbelievers).

Just a thought that might help us to know more how to behave around those who teach things contrary to the truth.