I found a video the other day that was entitled Organizing your life God’s Way  in all fairness I have included the link to the video. It is actually produced by the Philadelphia Church of God. One of Mr. Flurries’ ministers does an excellent job I thought of showing us what we need to be doing to use our time and resources properly to prepare ourselves for Christ’s return.

He really hit hard on his viewers to wake up and to get excited about what they are doing. It was good instruction and it was inspiring and it was a motivating video. One that actually was prepared from one of Mr Flurries articles in his Pastor Generals Report.

I have listened to a lot of sermons from people in lets say the outer reaches of the Laodicean realm that are not moving or powerful at all. In fact very few really move us to repent and get ready.

The question I have is do we have to have this hard nosed approach like this minister of the PCG who actually forbid fellowship amongst the Body of Christ to have these kinds of training materials? Have we had our collective noses bloodied so often that we are not able to take hard sermons anymore?

Are we in fact falling farther away from Christ because we don’t want to be yelled at anymore for whatever reason?

I think we need to realize that Christ is indeed knocking on the door of EVERY INDIVIDUAL MEMBER of the Body of Christ. And He is asking each of us to repent anew for real. To get urgent about it and to begin, each of us, to work out our own salvation as never before. Because brethren we don’t have the luxury of time anymore. We have to stop shying away from hard truth like a gun shy horse. We’ve got to stop flinching when something hard is said about something that WE MUST DO!

Food for thought brethren, I am just sorry that I had to be reminded of what I should be hearing from every pulpit, from the one place that I feel the worse about.

What are your thoughts? Does this make sense to you?