As I was reading Psalm 55 that the Music Video I showed you “Save Me” I saw a verse that puzzled me. At first I could not see what it meant:

(Psa 55:19) God shall hear, and afflict them, even he that abideth of old. Selah. Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God.

I could not see what was meant about the fact that because they have no changes the do not fear God. As I began to study it and research what others have said the meaning began to come clear but I also saw that it related to the situation that we find ourselves in today. It relates directly to the lukewarm attitude of many of the people of Laodicea.

Because God has not elected to punish them for their evil, they do not fear him. But the first sentence in this verse shows that God is about to do that very thing.

Many evils have crept into the thinking and actions of the people of Laodicea. Because they have so much of God’s truth and because He has not actively punished them yet for those infractions they have only gotten worse.

They no longer fear God. They no longer think that they need anything more than what they have been given already. They are truly rich and increased with goods¬† but they have lost their fear of God.¬† That is why so many are going to have to go into the Great Tribulation when they could have been saved out of it. They refused on their own to repent and become zealous for God’s word again. He wants them to take action on their own without overt punishment so that He can “deem” them worthy to escape what is coming.

If He has to punish them(cause change in their lives) to get them to change(repent) then He might as well let Jacob’s Trouble do that for Him. But if they will hear Christ’s Knock and repent on their own then he can take them to the place of safety and feed them there while the countdown to Christ’s return continues.

It is this principle of no longer fearing God that creates this atmosphere of self satisfaction that generates the Lukewarm lackadaisical attitude that is so prevalent in God’s Church Today!