What prevents you from enjoying a deep, full, close relationship with your Father in heaven? You need to know how to draw closer to God.


At 8:13 Friday morning, members of Philadelphia’s ‘Friday the 13th Club, will walk under a ladder, eat a breakfast of 13 items, break mirrors, spill salt, open umbrellas, joke about black cats and light three ciga­rettes on one match. The cere­mony will wrap up at 10:13 a.m.”


That statement is from an Associated Press news release describing how one group of people feels about common super­stitions. These people poke fun at them, as well they should. But not everyone shares their levity.


It’s a pity, but some people believe life is based on luck. They feel that they’ve come to whatever station in life They have, or to whatever rung of the ladder they are on, because of forces that are totally outside their control.


They feel that they are merely corks floating on the waves of the sea of life, tossed hither and yon by over­powering forces they neither under­stand nor can face.


Some people exhibit this fatalistic view of life openly. They carry rab­bits’ feet or four-leafed clovers. They refuse to step on cracks for fear they will “break their mother’s back,” or they cross the street so black cats won’t saunter in front of them.


Other people are superstitious about religion. They carry medals of “saints.” pray with relics clutched to their bosoms or carry prayers in little boxes around their necks or strapped to their arms or foreheads.


Even more people, though they may not believe in religious supersti­tions or in such charms as rabbits’ feet, nonetheless, deep within them­selves, feel trapped by the circum­stances of this world. They fact that their lives are out of control. And, sadly, their lives probably are.


But not because they have to be.

Read the full reprinted article from the 1981 Good News