mental illnessBy the COGCW News Team

A recent report reveals alarming statistics when it comes to Americans and Mental Illness. According to a report by CBS news, a 2013 survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Administration found that some 493 million US citizens suffered some kind of diagnosable mental illness last year which tallies up to approximately one in five adults.
Depression and Suicide were pegged as the two leading causes of episodes leading to the mental troubles of Americans. CBS NEWS.

To make matters worse, if someone suffers some kind of mental break down,more likely than not it will lead the person into poverty. In fact another study reveals at least 80 percent of individuals suffering from mental illness face joblessness. Mental Illness

The Kim Foundation is a Nebraska based private organization which serves the needs of mentally challenged individuals. The organization released statistics after an extensive study on mental illness and who it effects. More shocking is that the organization characterizes such disorders as “common” among citizens both nationally and internationally. Mental Disorders in America 

Given what Prophecy has set out for a disobedient world, while the statistics are shocking, they are not surprising. But wonderful for us as God’s Chosen, Our Heavenly Father has provided instructions through His Word to those who desire to follow His guidance on how to escape such snares of today’s society. The 1968 issue of the Plain Truth Magazine shows us how in the article entitled, The Way to Prevent Mental Illness” (Plain Truth 1968-Prelim. 02)

In the meantime we are reminded that no matter what we face, we keep the end-prize in mind and endure to the end armed with “Whole Armor Of God. Ephesians 6:10-18, Isa 59:17