The coronavirus pandemic is dominating media coverage (and rightfully so), but there are some important aspects of this crisis that are not receiving much attention. One such aspect is the discussion of whether the coronavirus scare will push the world into adopting digital-only currencies and banning the use of cash. This post will be devoted to an updated review of this question, which has long received much attention from those who understand and follow biblical prophecies. Before examining the prophetic possibilities concerning this topic, let’s first examine the current state of scientific thinking regarding the coronavirus and using cash/currency.

The first link and second link offer largely overlapping, but not identical, content on the dangers of being infected with the coronavirus via the use of currency. The first link is a print story and the second is from a TV station. The links report that while the coronavirus can live up to three days on plastic and stainless steel, it can only live up to 24 hours on cardboard surfaces. Since cardboard is a paper product, currency bills are most likely to have a similar profile as a virus medium to that of cardboard. The article points out that it has not yet been tested whether the virus can even live on “banknote paper.” Even if it can survive on currency, it notes one can avoid the virus by washing your hands often and that catching the virus via banknotes is very unlikely. The article reports that it is far more likely that the virus will be spread by credit and debit cards because they are plastic surfaces where the virus lives for a much longer period of time. Also, ATMs and credit and debit card processing scanners are metallic so they are much more likely to transmit the virus than currency notes. Smartphones (via which many financial/banking transactions are made) are made of plastic and metal and can be “heavily contaminated.” The links also document that the Federal Reserve Board is quarantining US dollar banknotes that are received from sources in Asia and Europe (the virus hotspots) for 7-10 days before returning them into circulation. This should assure us that US dollar banknotes are actually safe to use as they are regularly quarantined before re-use. Surely, the Fed can conduct such quarantines of US currency circulated within the USA as easily as currency bills that circulated outside the USA. It is also noted that some nations like Iran have been banning cash notes or are burning paper currency due to fears of the virus being spread, even though plastic credit and debit cards are more likely to harbor the virus.

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