What is wrong with us that we cannot agree on how to govern ourselves.

Look at all the hysteria over what is happening in our US government today. Half of us seem to think that everything is great and that America is in the process of becoming “great again,” while the other half of our nation appears HYSTERICAL over what is happening. When are we ever again, as a people, going to be able to get behind our government in a completely supportive way?

It seems like it is never going to happen.

From the world’s point of view, it may seem strange, but there is coming a change in government that will solve all the problems and bring everyone together in harmony. And the story of that Ruling Government that will answer all of our problems is actually in the Gospel account of Jesus Christ.

Do you want to know how a perfect government works? Do you want to see the result of having that ideal government ruling the earth? You want to look at what is wrong with our government and why it can never really work for the long haul? Then take a look at the Article we have prepared for you below. You will be amazed.

You see this perfect government has already been laid out for us. The only thing that keeps it from happening is that it is waiting for our change. The sad thing is that humanity is flawed. We were created missing a key component. It is not possible for mankind to rule itself because, as a human being, we are not complete.

So what are we missing and why is it so valuable. The whole thing is explained in detail in the article linked below. The source of that answer is amazing. You see the True Gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel message about the Kingdom of God not just a word about Christ, Himself.

How can humans ever get to a point where they can not be corrupted or where they can always make the correct decision without fail. Where they are not only incorruptible but they know immediately should anyone try to lie to them. Where everyone works willingly under the same set of rules.

That is what it is going to take to bring our nation and the world together. That is what it is going to take for a worldwide Government to work at all.

Take a close look at the “Gospel of the Kingdom of God” article. It is incredible, enlightening and gives us real hope for the future of humankind.