By the COGCW News Team

chaos The state of Chaos is intensifying throughout the earth as the gauge of Prophecy continues its pace closer towards the edge. Unrest abounds and it ranges from unrelenting airstrikes in the mountainous terrains of Syria to the continuous blast of bombs on the Gaza strip to the blurred lines of justice in the aftermath of a deadly shooting on the streets of Ferguson Missouri.

Horrendous acts carried about by US enemies have served to do nothing but to fuel even more violence. Action against ISIS

In the meantime, Conflicts between Israel and Palestinian militants continue to rage on as hundreds of men, women and children on both sides of the conflict perish daily. Hamas-Israel Deadly conflict

And escalating troubles have not escaped our borders either. There were many nights of protests and violence in the streets of Ferguson Missouri after a teenager was shot and killed recently by a police officer, sparking racial tensions on both sides of the aisle.  Ferguson Protests

Though world and community leaders and even the clergymen are putting forth their best efforts to come up with any or all measures to resolve conflict and turmoil, the prospect of peace remains elusive. It’s a situation that God’s Chosen have already been apprised of as we are taught it is only the Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ who holds the key to World peace. And we know it’s a problem that only the Holy One can fix. We can find out more about what will come of this world thru a series of lessons in the Good News magazine inspired by Mr. Armstrong. In fact, an article written by Mr. Leroy Neff and inspired by God’s Word, confirms that only “Christ’s Return Will Bring World Peace” (GN Feb. 1964 (Vol. X111 No. 02)

In this concluding installment you find out what will happen to
this world’s war-making machines! WORLD GOVERNMENT
and universal peace are just around the corner! Read how
Christ will STAMP OUT all opposition and bring happiness
to humanity at last! By Leroy Neff

As always God’s Chosen will remain on alert as events continue their fast pace trot into tribulation. In the meantime, we will continue to watch and rely on the assurances of the Heavenly Father and pray that we are deemed worthy to escape all that is coming. Luke 21:34-44