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Written by the COG Community Web Watch Team

In keeping with our mission to tap the pulse of world in terms of current events and how prophecy is playing out in these later days, our attention this week turns to reports of increasing food and housing costs which are boosting inflation and hunger across the United States. Matthew 24:7-8

According to the US labor department, the consumer price index rose 0.2 percent in March after increasing .01 percent in February with food and shelter accounting for most of the rise. Reuters-. While the hike in inflation is allaying the concerns of Federal Reserve officials who were worried that the inflationary rate was too low, concern among families are at a peak lately over how much it cost to take a trip to the grocery store. The price of beef is  skyrocketing along with the price-tag on eggs, cheese, milk and produce. CNN Money- .

In addition, while  reports inundate the news claiming the recession has been over since 2009, that has not been the case for the less fortunate whose struggles are turning to desperation. In fact, the economic downturn continues  in full swing for the poor who are trying at best to stretch food to make it last. That’s according to

In addition, various catastrophic weather  conditions are being blamed as the source behind rising food cost with drought conditions in California bearing the brunt of it. The Sunshine state is said to account for providing the world with a majority of its food staples. There had been serious cutbacks on water but thanks to God’s mercy California is now experiencing more rain and snow and concerns are easing. CBS News

Along with the rise in food cost, housing is also taking center stage. The cost of rent is increasing as demand continues to rise. This may mean additional numbers to add to the nations’ homeless register. US Housing and Urban Development officials believe there are more homeless on the streets than are actually accounted for.

These effects of famine which continues to wax worse with each minute that passes was foretold in Prophecy and echoed more than four decades ago in Mr. Armstrong’s Tomorrow’s News Magazine. Mr. Eugene M. Walter pinned an article in a November 1969 issue (pg. 18) which rings true as our time is the fast moving future discussed back then. HWA searchable library-

We will continue our efforts to keep those who are scattered updated on current events as they happen in hopes that we are adhering to Jesus’s warning about the “latter days”which Christ likened to those in Noah’s time. Matthew 24:37-39