I was talking with several ministers over the last view days and weeks about the possibility of bringing our people back together again. It wasn’t going very well as you might imagine. Everyone wants it to happen but no one it seems has a ready answer to the problems. In frustration I described our groups as disparate groups. Then later as I was thinking about the conversation I began to wonder just what the word disparate really means. So I looked it up.

It means “essentially different in kind”. But there was an added comment that really got me to thinking. It said;”Not allowing comparison”! WOW! Isn’t that exactly what is happening. Almost all of our different groups believe 90% of what all the groups believe yet they cannot come together. So Why not?  Because they will not allow themselves to be compared with each other especially where it comes to beliefs!

It is an unwritten rule among them it seems. They will not allow you to talk about how similar their beliefs truly are. As a result they are moving further apart every year.

What we need is a Leading Figure that everyone can agree Christ is using. Like Mr. Armstrong was back in the day. But until the time of the Two Witnesses I really don’t see that happening, although there are some that think their leader fills the bill. I cannot see that happening myself.

The other thing that was discussed is giving the people a work to do like we had in Philadelphia. Helping Christ do a work for this age of the church. Well some are trying to do that but they are trying to continue a work that died with Mr. Armstrong. Their people like it because that is what they are used to supporting, it makes them feel safe where ever they are.

But Mr. Armstrong said that when he died the “work” that he had been called to do, the “work” that Christ was doing would be over. But many are ignoring that and continuing to do a work where the doors have been closed.

That witness work of Matthew 24:14 was a special work proposed by Christ himself to give the world time to repent and go in a different direction to save themselves from the Tribulation just ahead of them. Didn’t happen. Even though the church must continue to “preach” the Gospel to the world to make disciples, to reach those who have been called, the major push to the world as a witness is over.

Now we must prepare those whom God has called during the Philadelphian Age of the church for Christ’s return. They need to be training them for the positions of authority that Christ has available to them. Preparing them to use the Spirit of God within them to overcome and to grow stronger in the Spirit if perchance they are not accounted worthy to escape satans wrath on the world.

But no they spend their time pretending to be so different from each other that they would not presume they could ever be together. That their differences were far too great even though they will will not allow a direct comparison.

Truly they are disparate groups within the body of Christ.